Development of an online pan-European Integrated Pest Management Resource Toolbox

First project article


The IPMWORKS IPM Resource Toolbox has been developed as an interactive, online repository of integrated pest management (IPM) resources. Populated with high priority resources for farmers and their advisors during the project, its structure enables additional resources added over time. The repository is a public interactive website, available to anyone looking to access, understand, and implement IPM. Built on an open-source content management system, the toolbox is designed to require minimal post-production site maintenance and support, while being easily expanded to integrate resources from future initiatives.
To ensure an efficient but comprehensive website design, population, maintenance, a survey of target user needs was conducted. Different type of IPM stakeholders, both internal and external to the IPMworks project, ranked the key requirements for the Toolbox, such as practical information about diseases and pests’ management and economic thresholds: 343 feedbacks and answers from a survey of 10 questions, carried out across Europe in four languages, provided the key elements and foundation for the IPM Resource Toolbox website development and specification. The Toolbox resources are explained in different languages, with images, divided by topics, with the possibility to find additional details and accessible by smartphone

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Ramsden M, Furiosi M, Debenedettis P et al. Development of an online pan-European Integrated Pest Management Resource Toolbox [version 2; peer review: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations]. Open Res Europe 2022, 2:72