Exit poll: what feedback from demo event visitors?

The collation and analyis of the exit poll data inserted in the hub journals has been done by t3.4 over the past weeks. Callum Bennett presents these first results that will soon be completed and presented further at the annual meeting. We hope that some insights from the data collected so far will be of interest to everyone.

The analysed data comes from 10 hubs so far, with 25 demo events having been reported. There have been over 600 visitors to these demo events alone, and so once we have data from the remaining hubs I’m sure that the stats will show that IPMWORKS has had an impressive reach so far.

The average number of visitors attending a demo event was 24, with around 50% of visitors filling in an exit poll. These visitors were mostly farmers (68%), with the next biggest group being public/private advisors (18%). The majority of attendees are male (80%) and the main method through which attendees find out about the demo events are by personal invitation (65%), mailing lists (15%) and social media (13%). The reasons for attending events are much more mixed (see pie chart), with attendees often having multiple reasons.

Pie chart showing the proportion of reasons for attendance amongst IPMWORKS demo events attendances.

The majority of demonstration events so far have been focussed on the ‘prevent’ (63%) and ‘control’ (30%) stages of IPM, with no demo events so far having been focussed on the ‘evaluate’ stage of IPM. The most popular demonstration techniques are oral presentations (39%) and farm/field walks (34%), with hands on experience/workshops/training sessions also being fairly popular (11%).