Farm Demo Policy Dialogue and Farm Demo Conference 2022: "Sharing innovation for sustainable agriculture"

Held on 10th - - 11th of May in Brussels

On May 10th 2022, the three H2020 projects NEFERTITI, IPMWORKS and IPM Decisions jointly organized a Policy Dialogue event near Brussels. Presentations and discussions were combined with a visit to a demonstration farm that implements holistic Integrated Pest Management, thus significantly reducing pesticide use.

The objectives of this Policy Dialogue event were (i) to inform relevant policy makers about the three projects’ networks, methods, and tools, and (ii) to discuss the longer-term sustainability and possible extension of the Farm Demo networks and tools. 

On May 11th, 2022, the three H2020 projects jointly organized the 2nd Farm Demo Conference 2022 Sharing Innovation for sustainable agriculture’ in Brussels. This conference was open to farmers, advisory services, retailers, agro-industries, researchers, and policy makers involved in the dissemination of sustainable agricultural practices. The objectives of the conference were to showcase the added value of on-farm demonstration, the networks of demo farms, the associated tools supporting the improvement of farming practices, and the specific approach to promote peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and experiences.  More than 100 participants from around 15 countries joined the Conference.

You can (re)view the video of  both events here

To learn more about the main conclusions and dynamics of the events, please check the full report of the Policy Day here and the Farm Demo Conference here.