Guidelines for demonstration and demonstration plans

H. Brinks (Delphy), C. Morgan (ADAS), M. Manshanden (Delphy), L. Mencke (Delphy)


The focus of the work in WP3 is to organize demonstration events in the farm hubs. The main objective of these demonstration events is to demonstrate to farmers outside the network that IPM works, that it is possible to reduce farm reliance on pesticides, while maintaining (or even enhancing) farm profitability through advanced holistic IPM designed at the farm level.
Most of the demonstration events will be based on IPM success stories described at the cropping/farming system level, in line with the holistic view of IPM promoted by the network. In addition to this, some demonstration events will also rely on comparisons of alternative IPM strategies at field level.
The organization of demonstration events is an important task in the IPMWORKS project. To support you as a hub coach in creating successful demonstrations, you are required to create an annual hub strategic demonstration plan. In the creation of these plans, the guidelines described in this document should be followed. The guidelines make sure you address the required elements in your hub strategic demonstration plan and meet the requirements as set out in the project. You are required to submit your hub plan to the WP3 leader who will provide feedback and recommendations on the plan.

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