Report on Conducted Demonstrations in 2021

Joris Tielen (Delphy),Harm Brinks (Delphy)


This Deliverable describes the IPM demonstration events conducted in the first year of execution, namely 2021, of IPMWORKS in each participating country and existing hub. The document includes a summary on the IPMWORKS project, an introduction on the contents of this report, as well as summarized overview of demo events in 2021 and specifics of each executed event. At last, a small conclusion section is written to summarize the main features and outcomes of the conducted demonstration events in 2021.
Rather few demonstration events were organized during 2021. This was actually expected, as 2021 was mainly dedicated to the setting of the hubs, the recruitment of farmers, and the work with them to help them redesign their pest management approach, adopt more holistic IPM and reduce further their reliance on pesticides. The number of demo event will be intensified over the last 3 years of the project, as each hub is expected to organize at least 12 demo events over the course of the project.

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