The IPMWORKS e-learning modules pilot training was held in CIHEAM Zaragoza on 20-21 June!

During 20 and 21 June 2023, the e-learning modules pilot training was held in CIHEAM Zaragoza, according to the activities foreseen within Task 6.5. Training activities.

CIHEAM Zaragoza, 21 June 2023

31 consortium members joined the CIHEAM Zaragoza staff for this pilot training with the aim of working on the IPMWORKS training materials that are being carried out within the project. These materials consist of e-learning modules on IPM, which when completed and finalised, will be openly and publicly accessible as a lasting resource, with the intention of demonstrating and promoting effective IPM strategies.

This meeting was focused on a Training of Trainers approach, since the materials from these modules will be used by IPMWORKS partners to perform 3 training events in each partner country, targeting advisors and farmers. CIHEAM Zaragoza will also use the modules to reach up to 5 countries not participating in the project.

During the training, the following actions were carried out:

  • Openly review the modules and how to use the materials
  • Conduct short training simulations
  • Gather feedback from simulated audience
  • Ensure the usability and adaptability of the modules
  • Agreement on a practical guide for training replications
  • Expose and review steps after pilot training

The e-learning modules structure:

  • Module 1: Agrosystem/Agroecosystem: Concepts and theory. Holistic approach to IPM
  • Module 2: Plant health risk challenges and Policy context in the EU
  • Module 3: Integrated Weed Management (IWM)
  • Module 4: Integrated Disease Management (IDM)
  • Module 5: Integrated Invertebrate Pest Management (IIPM)
  • Module 6: Holistic IPM examples
  • Module 7: Assessment of an IPM system
  • Module 8: Soft skills for facilitating interactive learning and demonstration on IPM

On the morning of the 21 June, a field visit took place. During this activity training participants were able to learn about successful IPM strategies first hand on a Fruit production farm under IPM Partnership, coordinated by the Aragón Government.

Now, the materials from the modules are temporarily stored at the IPMWORKS share-point, together with the Terms of Reference containing the practical guide, available to partners for starting the preparation of the training events in each of the countries.


The Horizon 2020 project IPMWORKS builds a European farm network to demonstrate integrated pest management (IPM) strategies and to promote the adoption of such strategies via knowledge exchange. IPMWORKS coordinates existing networks promoting IPM and launched new hubs of farms in regions or sectors where IPM pioneers were not yet engaged in a relevant network. Hub coaches coordinating hubs will have a major role in facilitating knowledge sharing, coaching farmers to find their own IPM solutions, and organising local demonstration activities.