Flying doctors!


Managing grey mold with the help of bees or bumblebees

What is it ?

Bees or bumblebees are necessary for the pollination of different crops. They can also be used as transporters of biopesticides which act against plant diseases.

How does it work ?

Bees or bumblebees go through a corridor and get ‘coated’ with biological fungicide powder when leaving the hive. The biological fungicide contains a beneficial fungus (Clonostachys rosea J1446) which is an antagonist of grey mold (Botrytis cinerea). The bees or bumblebees disseminate the spores and mycelium of the beneficial fungus to the flowers and so protect the flowers against grey mold.

Different implementations

Wooden dispenser in front of the bee hive

Dispenser integrated in the bumblebee hive

Bumblebee coated in the biological fungicide powder

Strawberries damaged by Botrytis cinerea


By using the biological fungicide with microbial dispensers in periods with a low disease pressure, the grower can reduce the use of chemical interventions.