Portuguese National Policy Network Gathers to Enhance Sustainability Efforts

In the latest meeting of the Portuguese National Policy Network, participants engaged in fruitful discussions surrounding the latest updates on the SUR as well as exploring strategies to ensure the network’s long-term sustainability.

During the meeting, participants focused on the latest developments related to the SUR, discussing the implications for their respective sectors. Additionally, participants used this opportunity to engage in open dialogues, having the possibility to share their various concerns.

CONSULAI, that has been successfully facilitating dialogue among actors from various sectors (Policy, Science and Society). Participants said they’re keen on continuing these dialogues, with the support of CONSULAI, as they recognize the importance of ongoing collaboration to address the need to reduce the use of PPP. This way, CONSULAI has agreed to keep organising national dialogues, once a year, with the same group of participants after the end of the project. The aim is to create an inclusive and productive environment for meaningful exchanges, where participants can keep collaborating and sharing knowledge.

All in all, this latest meeting of the Portuguese National Policy Network served as a catalyst for preparing the sustainability of the network after the end of IPMWORKS.