IPMWORKS Leaflet #2 is out ! IPM indeed works !!

Check out our project Leaflet #2 about how IPM indeed works !!

IPMWORKS farmers are working together within small groups coordinated by advisers (so-called “hub coaches”) to progress further in the adoption of holistic IPM (i.e. an integral approach to applying as broad a range of IPM interventions as possible on any set farm, crop or agricultural setting). Quantitative data are collected to support the demonstration that “IPM indeed works, i.e. is efficient and cost-effective” and does not undermine overall yield performance and agricultural productivity.

IPMWORKS network fosters knowledge exchange among farmers to help them progress further towards the adoption of holistic IPM, and organizes demonstration events, facilitating peer-to-peer learning to help farmers find their own site-specific IPM-based strategies and to convince other farmers of the added value of IPM. “IPMWORKS” project demonstrations are based on quantitative data collected in the DEMO farms. IPMWORKS is also developing an IPM Resource Toolbox, providing centralized access to all available digital resources that help farmers in their transition towards advanced IPM.