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Weed control in varied crops in Kołodziejewo, Poland

Meet the farmer and his farm

Sc. Bartłomiej Piskorski is one of the most active farmers cooperating with KPODR in many aspects, including IPM promotion and trainings, and hence naturally he plays a big role in organising demo events within IPMWORKS Arable sector hub in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region in Poland.

Bartłomiej is a farmer running a farm in the organic farming system. The farm is located in Kołodziejewo in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. The area of the farm is 33.5 ha. The plants grown on the farm are old varieties of cereals (spelt, emmer), legumes (soybean, lupine), vegetables (potatoes, beetroot) and oil plants (flax, black cumin, milk thistle, camelina, evening primrose). Due to the wide variety of crops, the biggest challenge is weed control. Weed control in oil crops is particularly difficult, as they are not very competitive compared to weeds.

The farm also has a deep well irrigation system, to mitigate recurring droughts in the region.

Innovative strategy

Machinery, biological sprays and field tests

Bartłomiej Piskorski uses modern machines to combat weeds. A precision row-crop cultivator with a camera steering system is a basic tool for weed control. In addition, the farm uses a rotative weeder, a premium tined weeder and a classic tined weeder to combat weeds. The farm also implements a weed control strategy using proper crop rotation and a series of pre-sowing treatments with a “blade” cultivator enabling very shallow work over the entire working surface.

The farmer also introduces biological soil treatments that support soil fertility and regeneration. He invests in modern technologies of precision agriculture and digital agriculture. Every year, the farm conducts field experiments, testing the impact of sowing date, varieties, biological agents and the number of weed control treatments.

In addition, the farm has a deep well irrigation system available to mitigate recurring drought periods in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region.

Business and demonstrations

Bartłomiej Piskorski also runs a processing business, pressing oils from seeds from his own farm in line with the idea of farm to fork. He is very open and gladly shares his knowledge and experience by conducting trainings for farmers and lectures for agricultural school students and university students and other peer-to-peer exchanges. He also founded the Organic Center brand promoting pro-ecological solutions in agriculture, actively participating in many agriculture related events and initiatives.