Demonstrationsbetriebe integrierter Pflanzenschutz (DIPS)

Country: Germany
Dates: 2011 – 2018
Number of demo farms: 67 (at the peak time)
Sectors: Arable crops, Apple, Horticulture, Hops and Vine

Objectives: Establishment, support and analysis of a network of demonstration farms in that implement and demonstrate integrated plant management in the best possible way (to other farmers, consultants and the public). The network is supposed to show the possibilities and limitations of integrated pest management under practical conditions. The farms should demonstrate the “best practice” in integrated pest management and innovations that contribute in particular to limiting the use of chemical pesticides to the necessary minimum. The aim was to optimize the implementation of the IPM by adapting preventive measures such as the choice of variety, sowing time and crop rotation, the demonstration and testing of non-chemical and alternative methods, as well as the expansion of stand and pest monitoring directly in the field and indirectly through the use of decision support systems.

Main outputs:

  • Information flyers
  • Information brochures
  • Publications in professional journals and local newspaper
  • Public farm days (seminars) once a year
  • JKI guidelines developed, based on EU Plant Protection Directive (2009/128 / EG)
  • Intermediate and final report
  • Videos at JKI youtube-channel

Main features: IPM as a holistic approach is the core objective and main efforts were dedicated to reduce the pesticide use intensity