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Country: Switzerland
Dates: 2019-2025
Number of demo farms : 70
Sectors: Arable crops

Objectives :

  • To measure the effectiveness of IPM strategies on pests, pesticide consumption and technical-economic performance. The goal is to approximate a seventy-five percent reduction in the use of plant protection products (PPP) with less than ten percent yield loss on an “innovative” plot compared to a “control” one in each farm.
  • To learn about the drivers for the implementation of IPM measures.
  • To identify the conditions for acceptance of changes in practices.
  • To improve pest monitoring techniques and tools for farmers.

Main outputs :

  • Information panels, articles in agricultural newspaper, website
  • Manual and instructional videos for pest monitoring
  • Technical data sheet
  • Publication of scientific results
  • Farm visit and meeting regularly each year
  • Intermediate and final report


Main features

  • Co-innovative approach between farmers, advisors and scientists.
  • A rotation of 6 crops and related measures to reduce PPP fixed in common by small groups (10-15 farmers) and implemented on an “innovative” plot compared to a “control” one.
  • Detailed monitoring of pests jointly carried out by farmers and scientists.
  • Technical-economic analysis of the results as well as an “acceptance of changes” section.